WHY we exist – our purpose

We believe people are made to thrive. To thrive is to reach full potential on a mental and physical level. Our purpose is to inspire, teach and share tools and strategies to help others actualize their health, performance and longevity potential.


HOW we do it – how we behave

We make use of cognitive behavioural interventions to modify well-being, lifestyle choices and attitudes for better health outcomes. We increase awareness of how beliefs, thoughts and feelings influence our biological and psychological processes that give us our results in all areas of life.

Your perspective determines your experience.


WHAT we offer

We offer talks, coaching, and assessments to educate, empower and equip individuals with the cognitive, emotional and physical skills on how to thrive.


Reinhard is the founder of HTT and has facilitated and helped organisations and individuals actualize their potential and achieve optimal health and well-being.

He is a thought leader in the application of neuroscience, geroscience, neuro-semantics and epi-genetics.

He enjoys adventure and many extreme-sporting codes. It is his pursuit of thriving that led him to the study of excellence and human potential itself.

Being a pioneer on applied wellness, he believes true leadership starts with taking full responsibility for oneself; one’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

Reinhard is a certified Neuro Coach(Neuro-Surge), Meta Coach(ISNS), Stress Management Coach(NESTA), Wellness Coach(NESTA) and Fitness & Nutrition Coach(PN)

Credentials & Certification

Neuro Surge