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Online Coaching: We facilitate online group coaching sessions open to all members. Here we dig deeper into a variety of topics related to mental and physical health. Most importantly give you the opportunity to apply what you have learned with the help of coaching.

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  • Mind over matter
  • Stress less
  • Eat to thrive
  • Move

Learn at your own pace. Each course consists of numerous short videos, notes and exercises to help you apply the knowledge and thrive. You can take all the time you need to work through the content. Revise or revisit courses as many times as you want.

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Invest in yourself, your education and knowledge rather than wasting your money on another quick fix supplement, diet book or gym fad that will not give you the results you want.


What some of our customers have to say:


“Life is all about choices and consequences and you can only get to your goal if you are willing to put in the effort. There is no such thing as a quick fix/fab diet it’s about lifestyle changes, be the change you want to see. This course makes it easy to change your life and shows you where to start. From what to do, how to put goals in place and stick to them. I was tired of bad habits tripping me up and stress taking over my life. The Lifestyle Upgrade course really changed that for me and showed me that a healthy happy life starts in my head!”

Estey Fourie


Cancellation policy

I love this product and believe in the value, but you shouldn’t risk anything if for any reason you think I’m wrong.

I’m going to make you a promise so strong, I have given it a name: The Infinite Thriving Guarantee.

I guarantee that you will have clarity and understanding on the do’s and dont’s of what is required for a long, healthy, happy and stress less life. Not only that, but if you complete the courses and implement the exercises, you will thrive, guaranteed.

I guarantee that you will save money (that you would have wasted on other quick fixes or short cuts), you will look better, feel better, move better, perform better, sleep better, stress less, be more confident, energized, motivated and happier most of the time.

You will be the best version of yourself.

You will thrive.

If you don’t, I want you to e-mail me at I will immediately transfer back your last payment into a bank account you provide. This guarantee is in force forever – none of that 48 hours or 60 days nonsense. You get infinite days. No need to explain yourself. You don’t need to justify it. If you don’t think it’s worth it for any reason, I take that as a failure on my part—not yours. I’ll save you any awkwardness by simply returning your last payment, so you can get on with your life.

Plus, you can keep your membership for the rest of the month during which you cancel. So you risk nothing.

I think this is a fair promise. In fact I’ve never heard of anyone offering a guarantee like this. What do you think? And if you agree, why not take me up on this unusual offer? After all I’m taking all the risk on myself.

Test it for yourself. Complete and implement the principles in the courses and give your body time to respond. If after a few months you don’t look, think and feel different. You can have your last month’s payment back.


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