PNI Diagnostic

PNI or psycho neuro-immunology is a new field of medical scientific research that studies how our immunity is influenced by mental activity. In other words the influence of mind-states, positive or negative, upon wellness and performance.

Dr. Ian Weinberg compiled an online Neuro-diagnostic, programmed to evaluate individuals in terms of their stress, wellness (or illness) and work performance. It profiles users in terms of their levels of self-esteem, self-worth, self- efficacy, purposefulness as well as potential in leadership and entrepreneurship. The diagnostic can also differentiate degrees of neuroplasticity potential. It further profiles users into one of three broad archetypal groups with certain traits, beliefs, processing styles and filtering programs. Lastly it can also indicate the user’s possible illness predispositions.

If the user then requires intervention, we would proceed with neuro-modulation. Neuro-coaching interfaces directly with the neurophysiology. In doing so the coach, engages the coachee with an awareness of both the subjective world view and its inherent beliefs, values, as well as an understanding of the associated neurophysiology. The intervention is aimed to move the coachee to a more resourceful neurophysiological configuration. From coaching perspective, the above insight gives rise to an empowering and sustained positive outcome.

With the help of the diagnostic we can intervene through neuro-coaching and neutralize stress and enhance wellness and performance of the individual. It helps individuals to identify their unique personality traits and the way in which they process information. Appropriate interventions can assist with optimizing one’s processing functions and thereby their overall wellness and performance. This increase in wellness and performance for the individual, translates in to an increase in performance and profitability for the organisation. Healthy organisations are made up of healthy indviduals. Just like high performing organisations are made up of high performing individuals.

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