PNE assessment

This online diagnostic will help you understand how your mind-states (thoughts and feelings) impact health, performance and longevity while assisting in the prevention of disease and premature aging.

The diagnostic evaluates stress, wellness (or illness), meaning and purpose and life satisfaction or gratification. It profiles users in terms of their levels of self-esteem, self-worth, self- efficacy, purposefulness as well as potential in leadership and entrepreneurship. It can also differentiate degrees of neuroplasticity potential. And further profiles users into one of three broad archetypal groups with certain traits, beliefs, processing styles and filtering programs. Lastly it can also indicate the user’s possible illness predispositions.

PNE or psycho neuro-endocrinology is a field of medical scientific research that studies how your immunity is influenced by mental activity. In other words the influence of mind-states on immune function and health.

How individuals perceive, process and respond to the environment varies significantly. This is partly due to differences in processing styles and mind-states. These differences influence your neuro-chemistry that in turn predisposes you to different health risks. Your environment, perception and dominant mind-states (thinking and emoting) interact with your genes, nervous system and endocrine system. This interaction directly impacts your health, wellness, performance and longevity.

As part of our offering we provide feedback to explain the diagnostic results. This will include lifestyle recommendations and optional coaching if required and desired. If intervention is required, we would proceed with neuro-modulation. This type of coaching interfaces directly with the neuro-physiology. In doing so the we will engage with an awareness of both your subjective world view and its inherent beliefs, values, as well as an understanding of the associated neuro-physiology. The intervention is aimed to neutralize stress and move you to a more resourceful neuro-physiological configuration and improved physical and mental health.

The diagnostic isolates individual variability in neuro-chemistry, nurture environment, current life situation and lifestyle.This approach allows us to pinpoint exactly what recommendations and intervention strategies will work for you as individual.

How it works?

1. Connect: Complete the contact form on this page and we will send you more information and costing.

2. Order: Order your online PNE assessment and process payment.

3. Testing: You will be directed to a website where you can login. Complete the online assessment, which takes about 20-30 minutes.

4. Results: A report of your PNE results will be sent to us.

5. Feedback and neuro-coaching: Schedule a feedback session to go over your results. Based on your results; schedule neuro-coaching sessions to incorporate changes based on your unique neuro-chemistry and life situation.  


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