In order to create a robust immune system and to support optimal wellness and performance, we need to look at health holistically. A study of nutrition, fitness, psychology and stress-response management reveals that we need to address each of these areas if we want to acquire optimal health. This information is available in the public domain. Given this fact, that most people have access to information on how to live well, why do we still see so many people who struggle with their health? One reason may be that many are confused due to the overwhelming clutter and confusion in the health and fitness industry. Another reason may be that people are not taking responsibility for themselves. And yet another reason may be that many know what to do, but still don’t do it. They lack the discipline or motivation (the mental skills) to change their own behaviour.

People are not taught how to harness their minds in creating change. Their mental “software” is outdated. And most never learn the mental skills required to sustain healthy behaviour in support of a healthy life.

After having successfully coached various individuals to a healthier life, we identified some of the common problems that prevent people from thriving.

These were:

– Lack of knowledge of what to do, in other words confusion
– Lack of understanding of what stress is and how to reduce it’s effects
– Lack of motivation and self-discipline (and the knowledge of how it functions)
– Lack of ownership or taking responsibility for one’s health
– Lack of understanding how to change beliefs, values and frames of mind. This is the main factor responsible for keeping   people locked in a cycle of bad habits and poor lifestyle choices.

Thrive developed a Learner Management System (LMS) from real life experience in changing lives. We took what we gained from the coaching room and we applied it to an online offering. In the LMS we make use of neuro-semantic coaching principles and patterns for harnessing individual willpower and unlocking motivation. The LMS comprises of theory and exercises that improve and encourage emotional intelligence, willpower, mindfulness and responsibility. These are the mental tools required for changing behaviour.

Lifestyle Upgrade

The Lifestyle Upgrade course is an online LMS that educates, coaches and inspires people how to thrive. With thriving, we mean living an active, healthy flourishing life. The course not only addresses the physical but also take a deeper look into emotional and mental wellness. It helps the individual change behaviour, from the inside, starting with the mind. We improve health/wellness in two steps. Firstly by educating people on the foundations of a healthy life, the physical. Then secondly assisting them on how to manage their mental states, the psychological. Our mind-states influence our thoughts, performance, problem solving, stress management, productivity and hormonal chemistry, which affect our wellness and performance. The factors that contribute to the health of our states are nutrition, exercise, sleep, managing stress, mindfulness, relaxation and meaningful relationships. If we purposefully take care of, understand and construct resourceful mind-states we can improve our energy levels, immunity, wellness and performance.

The Lifestyle Upgrade course is comprised of four courses that are considered the pillars of thriving. These are nutrition, exercise, mindsets and stress management.

Each course consists of 4 lessons of approx. 10-20 minutes per lesson. The courses were designed with just the minimum theory required to grasp the concept and then with a practical coaching element that requires the learner to actually participate and do the “exercises”. The learning or change comes from the doing. The LMS is delivered in animation video format.  A digital manual and online test support this.

This course is a “software update” for people. It shows you how to run your mental programs to live a healthier more optimal life. It is a software upgrade, required for healthy living it today’s world.

Eat to thrive

The purpose of this course is to provide nutritional guidelines. This course will teach you how to design your own nutrition plan based on your body type, activity levels, preferences, goals etc.


This course briefly looks at the main forms of exercise, metabolism, energy balance, the benefits or different types of exercise and the impact it has on health

Mind over matter

This course will focus on your thinking, beliefs, understandings and frames of mind. How you have to think to ensure you behave in ways for optimal physical and mental health

Stress less

This course will enable you to identify stressors in your life and show you how to manage your ‘stress-response’ in order to minimize the negative impact it can have on your mental and physical health

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