• Do you have bad habits?
  • Do you lack motivation?
  • Have you tried all the quick fixes?
  • Are you confused by the wealth of healthy lifestyle information available?
  • Do you need help implementing good habits?

Do you experience circumstances and bad habits that prevent you from thriving?

Bad habits combined with:

Chronic stress

A sedentary lifestyle

Media confusion: false advertising and health claims by corporations

Food processing and preservation leading to nutritional deficiencies

Quick fixes and ‘one-size-fits-all solutions’

Environmental pollution and toxins

All contribute to an imbalance in your body that in turn leads to chronic inflammation, which leads to premature aging, disease and nearly 2/3 of the world’s deaths

How to Thrive Lifestyle Upgrade

Our courses are designed to combat these issues from every angle. We don’t only deal with the consequences of bad habits but we take a deeper look at the frames of mind or thoughts that create them. Our “Lifestyle Upgrade” is made up of 4 key courses that cover Nutrition, Exercise, Mindsets and Stress. Once you have control over these 4 key areas of your life, you will create the conditions for yourself to thrive.

Eat to thrive

The purpose of this course is to provide nutritional guidelines. This course will teach you how to design your own nutrition plan based on your body type, activity levels, preferences, goals etc.


This course briefly looks at the main forms of exercise, metabolism, energy balance, the benefits or different types of exercise and the impact it has on health

Mind over matter

This course will focus on your thinking, beliefs, understandings and frames of mind. How you have to think to ensure you behave in ways for optimal physical and mental health

Stress less

This course will enable you to identify stressors in your life and show you how to manage your ‘stress-response’ in order to minimize the negative impact it can have on your mental and physical health

You will be more confident, motivated and energized. Guaranteed

To your long term happiness


Register for the Lifestyle Upgrade for only $308 and get access to all 4 courses

What you get for your investment:

This Lifestyle Upgrade will give you the knowledge and tools you need to turn your life around!

The Lifestyle Upgrade includes access to the following courses:

  • Eat to thrive
  • Move
  • Mind over matter
  • Stress less

Easy to use: The courses are easy to use and are presented on video. You will receive a PDF manual with each course where you can complete sections and do exercises. You will also be required to do a simple questionnaire to ensure information is understood before moving on.

Learn at your own pace: Each course is more or less 90 minutes in duration, but you can take all the time you need to work through the content. Revise or revisit courses during your 6-month membership as many times as you want.

Exclusive membership: Six month’s exclusive access to our site as a member

Newsletter: You will further receive a monthly newsletter with useful information and motivation including tips for improving the quality of your physical and mental health. It will include topics of nutrition, exercise, mindsets, stress management etc.

With this course you will transform the way you look, feel, think and perform by following the easy to use guidelines.

It will change your life.

Why wait?

Get clarity on how to thrive

Privacy guaranteed

Infinite Thriving Guarantee

In my opinion, this is superb value for money. If I were in your shoes, I’d wonder if this isn’t a little too good to be true. I get, that, and if I was in your shoes I would want some assurance that there really is no risk. That’s absolutely fair, so here’s what I suggest…

I’m going to make you a promise so strong, I have given it a name: The Infinite Thriving Guarantee. I guarantee that you will have clarity and understanding on the do’s and don’ts of what is required for a long, healthy, happy and stress less life. Not only that, but if you complete the courses and implement the exercises, you will thrive, guaranteed. I guarantee that you will save money (that you would have wasted on other quick fixes or short cuts), you will look better, feel better, move better, perform better, sleep better, stress less, be more confident, energized, motivated and happier most of the time. You will be a better version of yourself. You will thrive.

If you don’t, I want you to e-mail me at Reinhard@howtothrive.co.za

I will immediately transfer back your investment into a bank account you provide. This guarantee is in force forever – none of that 48 hours or 60 days nonsense. You get infinite days.

Plus, you can keep your membership for the full 6 months. So you risk nothing.

I think this is a fair promise. In fact I’ve never heard of anyone offering a guarantee like this. What do you think? And if you agree, why not take me up on this unusual offer? After all I’m taking all the risk on myself.

Test it for yourself. Complete and implement the principles in the courses and give your body time to respond. If after a few months you don’t look, think and feel different. You can have your money back.


7 Habits Crash Course

Get instant clarity on the do’s and don’ts of a healthy life